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Fitness Plan Secrets

 by: Tony Farrell

In order to get the benefit of this Fitness Plan Secrets training article, unless you have done so already, it's important that you first read the previous article where I explained about creating a clear goal using these Fitness Goal Secrets here:

Fitness Plan Secrets: To follow on from this, you must reverse your goals. Don't get me wrong here. I'm not suggesting you do something drastic here.

What I am saying is that in order to achieve your new clear goal(s), you must first look at the end result and then backward plan it. We are going to uncover these Fitness plan secrets.

Sound confusing?

Let me show you what I mean --

You have a Clear Goal. Not a vague one, but a clear and definite one. So how do you go about achieving it?

Backward Plan It!

In other words, always start with the end in mind. This is your focus through the entire action process from now until you achieve that goal. In your case, the end is what you ultimately want to achieve --your Clear Goal and Definite Goal.

Lets reveal your Fitness Plan Secrets, shall we?

Imagine you have just reached your goal. How does it feel? How does it look?

Now lets reminisce here a little:

As you feel that surge of "I did it!" rush through you, look back over time.

What was the last step you achieved directly before you reached your ultimate goal. This is the beginning of the fitness plan secrets needed to build your own plan.

What was it you achieved in that last step?

Write it down.

Now step backwards to that last step, in your mind. What was it that you achieved just before reaching that second last step? What obstacle did you overcome to get here? Whatever it was.

Write that down too.

Now repeat this process, until you arrive at where you are now.

To throw some light on it for you, let me give you an example:

Lets assume you want to add two inches to your bicep within 16 weeks. Here's how you would apply the fitness plan secrets to help you here --

Look at the end result. In this case your bicep is two inches bigger. Imagine how that feels having achieved this goal. WOW.

Now imagine you sitting there after finally achieving this goal, and you think back to all the hard work you did in order to get there. As you look back, you start off with what you achieved just before reaching your goal.

What did you achieve or what obstacle did you overcome directly before your final target?

Lets say you gained half an one and a half inches to your bicep up to the step just before reaching your goal. That's your gain from week one to week twelve.

Now step back into that last step, in your mind's eye. What was it that you achieved just before the step you are currently on (week 12). Maybe you gained an inch increase in your bicep muscle up to that point.

Notice the pattern. Week sixteen - Goal of two inches reached. Week twelve - Goal of one and a half inches reached. Therefore it stands to reason that on week eight, you would have reached a goal of one inch. And on week four, you would have achieved a goal of half an inch.

Your fitness plan secrets pattern would be revealed. In this case, here's how it would look in simple terms --

Week 16 - Final goal achieved: Two inches onto your biceps

Week 12 - The step before that: One and a half inches onto your biceps

Week 8 - The step before that again: One inch onto your biceps

Week 4 - The step before that again: Half an inch onto your biceps

The sixteen weeks were broken down into smaller goals. Each smaller goal represents a step you must reach before moving onto the next one. It's impossible to just go straight to two inches, without first taking that first step.

You main goal must be broken down, like the example above, into smaller more easily achievable steps, working backward from your main goal all the way down to the very first step. This is your game plan and is what you should follow consistently and without fail. Then --

Unless you have extremely long flexible legs, if you want to climb a stairs that has ten steps the only way to reach the top step is by taking the step that's closest and more easily achievable -- the first step.

I hope you learned something from my fitness plan secrets. Watch out for my follow on to each article each week.

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