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Joseph Carrico Barbecue Sauce
3 qt Vinegar

1 qt Water

2 tbsp Cayenne pepper

2 tbsp Paprika

2 tbsp Salt

2 tbsp Sugar

Mix together over low heat. Makes one gallon sauce. Mr. Carrico says to use a large kitchen tablespoon, "not one of those little measuring spoons".

Serve over smoked meat.

NOTES : This is the traditional barbecue sauce used at the Fancy Farm public picnic. Other than sheer size, the Fancy Farm picnic differs from other westerm Kentucky barbecues in a couple of respects. Burgoo is not served, as it is at the others. And, once the midday feeding is over, politicians take to the speakers' platform, which has been constructed on a pair of flatbed trucks in front of St. Jerome Church. There is a 10 foot high tree stump down in front of the speaker's stand. That monumental stump has been plastered over and whitewashed. It is kept standing in memory of all the generations of Kentucky political speakers who have gone beyond. "It was a beautiful tree. The hot air killed it". Recipe by: Southern Living -- Cooking Across the South

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