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Savory Grilled Potatoes
1/2 cup Miracle whip [or mayonnaise

3 Cl Garlic

1/2 tsp Parpika

1/4 tsp Salt

1/4 tsp Pepper

3 Baking potatoes, cut in 1/4"


1 large Onion, sliced

Recipe by: Miracle Whip ad Preparation Time: 0:10 Mix salad dressing and seasonings in a large bowl until well blended. Stir in potatoes and onions to coat. Divide potato mixture evenly among six 12-inch square pieces of heavy duty foil. Seal each to form packet. Place foil packets on grill over medium-hot coals (coals will have slight glow). Grill, covered, 25-30 minutes or unti potatoes are tender.

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